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Achieve Your Goals and ensure Compliance and Flight Safety at all times with our complete support package

Aircraft Evaluation Process
  • Matching customers expectations with a suitable aircraft type

  • Sourcing the market for available aircraft types

  • Feasibility/suitability study for aircraft types and customers intended operation

  • Cost projections for purchase and operation

  • Certification and registration selection support

Aircraft Selection Process​
  • Purchase Price and Contract negotiation support

  • Accurately predict anticipated life cycle cost for purchase and operation of different aircraft types
  • Selection of necessary equipment for customers intended operation

  • Certification and registration support within the EASA region

  • Operational start-up support

  • Aircraft Maintenance Reserve Analysis.

Pre-Buy Inspection
  • Evaluation of condition of the Aircraft Asset

  • Pre-purchase Aircraft and Technical Records inspection

  • Evaluation of current "fair market value" of the Aircraft Asset

  • Evaluation of anticipated cost for Registration and Operation

  • FAA/EASA/Eurocontrol Compliance Verifications

Operations Support Process
  • PbH Contract negotiation support

  • Base Maintenance Contract negotiation support

  • Engine Maintenance Management

  • Technical Operations Auditing

  • Technical Operations process reorganization

  • Flight Operations Process reorganization

  • Cost cutting evaluation

  • Spare Parts alignment

Financing Arrangements
  • Arranging of tailored financing options for Owners with reputable finance organizations

  • Financial & Tax Consulting Services in relation to a sustainable operations

Operating Aircraft Audits
  • Lease Inspections

  • Aircraft Audits on behalf of Financiers/Owners/Operator

  • Aircraft Delivery Representation (Commercial and Technical)

  • Aircraft Hand-back Representation (Commercial and Technical)

AOC Process preparation and Process Management
  • Company Manuals preparation

  • Operations Manuals preparation (Flight, Ground and Technical)

  • CAA process management & Support

Aircraft in Hangar
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