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ADvanced Asset MANagemenT

A Decision Support System for technical management of Aircraft and Aircraft Major SubAssemblies & a Management System of the Aircraft Delivery/Redelivery process for Aircraft Leasing Companies 

Our ADAMANT Software solution provides the means to support your top level decision making and allows you to have enormous advantages and savings via optimisation of the Asset management thr:ough the entire life cycle.

  • Lease period optimisation.

  • Lease rates optimisation

  • Better prediction of maintenance reserves availability. 

  • Better utilization of maintenance reserves.

  • Maintenance reserves optimisation

The use of ADAMANT throughout the handback/redelivery process ensures efficient project management by:

  • Standardisation of communication between the lessor, the client, and the field representatives of both parties.

  • Seamless dissemination of information from one project to another.

  • Standardisation of technical records management and archiving

  • Reduction to the total man-days of the project

  • Visibility and better planning of each project phase

ADAMANT Key features:

  • WEB based / web accessible.

  • VersatilityHigh level of security and encryption.

  • Connectivity to legacy systems (provided the legacy systems allow this), taking data from:

    • Asset utilization.

    • Asset documentation.

    • Document depository

    • Maintenance reserves accounts.

    • Contracts accounts.

  • Spare Parts tracking

  • Expenditures tracking

  • Statistical reporting on the process to measure performance and improve from delivery to delivery

  • Minimum Data input  – the ADAMANT working concept is not to increase the workload but to decrease the management effort.

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